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Do you want to surprise your loved ones or colleagues with a really delicious and (at the same time) healthy cake? Plus, does design matter? You’re in the right place!

I’ve already made hundreds of cakes, in all flavors and shapes – so I’m not scared of challenges 🙂

You can order all my cakes sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free – all without artificial colors!

What do I use? Click here to find out more!

What do I use?


SUGAR-FREE – Is there really no sugar in the cakes? The most common question I get. There really isn’t! I use a mixture of erythritol and stevia, or separate erythritol and very rarely xylitol. They do not contain added sugar or other sugar derivatives or syrups. Nevertheless, the products may contain naturally occurring sugars, e.g. fructose in fruity cookies / cakes.

GLUTEN FREE – My cakes are guaranteed wheat flour free. It is replaced by tapioca flour (cassava), almond flour, sesame flour, coconut flour, konjac flour or gluten-free flour mixture.

DAIRY-FREE – Free of animal protein! I find this important to highlight, as many people still confuse it with lactose-free. If something is lactose-free, it can still be of animal origin. To replace this, I use coconut cream, coconut or almond milk, vegetable cream cheese.

FREE OF ARTIFICIAL COLORS – Cakes are also colored with natural ingredients: spirulina powder, beetroot powder, dragon fruit powder, activated carbon powder.

All my products are SOY FREE!

ALLERGENIC INGREDIENTS can occur in different cakes / pies, so please make sure you are not sensitive to any of the following: almond / almond flour / ground almond / almond milk / sesame flour / hazelnuts / walnuts / cashews / eggs.

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