Live FREE, eat free!

Guaranteed wheat flour-free, sugar-free sweets that do not contain animal protein! Are you on a diet or do you have any intolerance or allergic? Then you are in the best place now. Don’t give up on the taste of life, just choose wisely!

Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free,
sweet snacks free of artificial colorings


Everyday sweets

Sweets for events


Do you want to surprise your loved ones  / colleagues with a delicious and healthy cake?


You’ve planned everything, but where will the cake come from if you can’t stand the allergens?


Love, joy, smiling faces when they bite into your cookies under the tree… but it’s a lot of work. I’ll be your helping hand!

Everyday sweets


Are you preparing a party or an event? Don’t want to stand in the kitchen all day? You are in the best place!


Expecting some guests, but you’re not the champ of sweets? Or are your visitors diabetic or possibly lactose sensitive? I’ll help you!


I don’t just deal with sweets, I also make croissants, rolls, buns and pizzas for everyday meals!

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Reni Balog

I love baking as a hobby, also I am a proud mother and the owner of Reny’s Free From Cakes, who has been successfully baking for several years without artificial additives, excess sugars and allergens.

About me

I owe my love for baking to my grandmother, because as a little girl I helped her a lot with the preparations. I loved being around her, whatever the occasion was.

The topic of nutrition has always been in my interest. I love to be in harmony with myself so healthy eating and sports cannot be left out of my life either. At the same time, I am a creative person who is always working on something new therefore I continuously train myself. I want to believe that I am not afraid to try new things.

In 2014, I changed my life. I wanted a better life quality for me, so I could live in both physical and mental harmony. I started with sugar-free and low carb products, and after a few years, I also incorporated gluten-free and milk-free meals. Since then I have made everything for myself to this day. However, I loved making new, free cakes as they presented me with more and more challenges, so it eventually became my hobby.

Since then, I have gained a wealth of experience in making cakes, cookies, pastries; and to this day, I am constantly improving myself to dream of even tastier cakes for my customers.

Reni Balog

Seeds and nuts

If you like seeds, or simply want to vary your diet, I work with the following ingredients:

Almonds / Almond flour / Ground almonds / Almond milk / Sesame flour / Hazelnuts / Walnuts / Cashews

It is important to know that the above ingredients can cause allergic reactions in some people! Before using them, we always discuss what you are sensitive to!

Write an email or chat with me!

If you prefer to ask in writing, you can find me on my Facebook or Instagram account.

Don’t have an idea?

A few questions, some arrangements and you will definitely get the cake you want!

Special needs

Basically, I’ve come across a lot of food intolerances before, so I know what to pay attention to. But I can only offer the best if you know what you are sensitive to!


I work fast, but I am also a mother. So please contact me a week before the event. Unfortunately, “for tomorrow” is not an option.

Cake size

... for any occasion (birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, etc.) with decoration to suit individual needs.
8 slices (diameter 18 cm) £ 45
12 slices (diameter 22 cm) £ 65
16 slices (diameter 26 cm) £ 85

ROLLS for christmas

Poppy Seed Roll £14.00 each
Walnut Roll £14.00 each