Reni Balog

I love baking as a hobby, also I am a proud mother and the owner of Reny’s Free From Cakes, who has been successfully baking for several years without artificial additives, excess sugars and allergens.

About me

I owe my love for baking to my grandmother, because as a little girl I helped her a lot with the preparations. I loved being around her, whatever the occasion was.

The topic of nutrition has always been in my interest. I love to be in harmony with myself so healthy eating and sports cannot be left out of my life either. At the same time, I am a creative person who is always working on something new therefore I continuously train myself. I want to believe that I am not afraid to try new things.

In 2014, I changed my life. I wanted a better life quality for me, so I could live in both physical and mental harmony. I started with sugar-free and low carb products, and after a few years, I also incorporated gluten-free and milk-free meals. Since then I have made everything for myself to this day. However, I loved making new, free cakes as they presented me with more and more challenges, so it eventually became my hobby.

Since then, I have gained a wealth of experience in making cakes, cookies, pastries; and to this day, I am constantly improving myself to dream of even tastier cakes for my customers.

Reni Balog

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